The Biggest Homegrown BPO Company in the Philippines

AZPIRED is the biggest privately-owned BPO company in the Philippines, and it is proud to call Cebu its home. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional contact point services, AZPIRED has become a leading industry player in the Visayas and Mindanao for 18 years since 2006. As a homegrown BPO company, it understands the unique needs and challenges of the local workforce and market, allowing it to provide tailored solutions that drive success for its clients. In this article, we will explore and showcase why AZPIRED, Inc. is the preferred choice for businesses looking to outsource their operations in the Philippines. One of the best decisions you can make when running a company is choosing a smart location to grow it. For businesses looking to outsource their business operations to the Philippines, there are several outsourcing destinations in the country aside from the ever-popular Metro Manila, and that is Metro Cebu. Cebu City is a smart location for contact centers for the following reasons.

First Class and Highly Urbanized City

Cebu City is located at the heart of the Visayas. With this, talent acquisition is not a problem in its neighboring provinces like Bohol, Leyte and Negros Oriental, and Negros Occidental. This means that local contact center companies like AZPIRED can pool diverse and excellent talents in the workforce.


Lower Cost of Living Compared to Manila

Cebu City has a lower cost of living being 12.9 % lower than Manila in terms of consumer prices including rent, and has 72% lower rent prices compared to Manila. This is based on the comparison report from Numbeo.

First Class and Highly Urbanized City of Cebu

Less traffic compared to Manila

According to the Traffic Index comparison data by Numbeo, Cebu City has only 35 minutes (one-way city transportation) while Manila has 54.47 minutes (one-way city transportation) or almost an hour. We know how traffic affects the productivity and mood of the employee. By this data, it is clearly evident that Cebu City has more convenience and flexibility in terms of transportation.

First Class and Highly Urbanized City of Cebu

Most Improved Highly Urbanized City in the Philippines

In the recent report of the Department of Trade and Industry on its Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index. Cebu City ranks number 1 among all cities nationwide as the Most Improved Highly Urbanized City, having 11 incremental increases from the 2023 ranking. Aside from Cebu City being a sweet spot in business and contact centers in the Philippines, Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue also ranked 5 and 8 respectively. Making all three (3) Cebuano cities part of the top ranking Most Improved Highly Urbanized Cities in the entire Philippines.

Homegrown Advantages

Operating a homegrown contact center company in the Philippines offers several distinct advantages. As a locally founded and operated business, a homegrown BPO company like AZPIRED, Inc. understands the unique nuances of the local labor force, allowing them to provide tailored solutions and deliver exceptional employee retention and client support.

Furthermore, being a homegrown company enables AZPIRED to establish strong relationships with local talent pools, from different universities, and other Cebu and Cagayan de Oro-based institutions. This not only ensures a steady supply of highly skilled professionals but also enables the company to tap into the local community (government) and build long-term partnerships.

In addition, as a homegrown company, AZPIRED is well-versed in navigating the local business landscape and understanding government regulations and policies. This expertise allows them to provide clients with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the outsourcing process.

Moreover, as an industry leader, AZPIRED, Inc. has a deep understanding of the local culture, which plays a crucial role in delivering effective customer service. Their knowledge of cultural nuances allows for seamless communication and ensures that customers' needs and preferences are met.

In conclusion, the future of homegrown contact center companies in Cebu like AZPIRED are highly promising. With the commitment to innovation, AZPIRED, Inc. consistently thrives in the competitive outsourcing market. By capitalizing on the country's highly skilled workforce, competitive labor costs, and emerging technologies, homegrown contact center companies can deliver exceptional customer service and stay ahead of the game. These companies must adapt to changing market demands by diversifying their service offerings and staying updated with global market trends.


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