AZPIRED joins NRF 2019


AZPIRED is a world-class call center service provider with a total of four strategically distributed locations in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro, right at the heart of the Philippines.

Our priority is to provide cost-efficient services to our clients globally. We are present in multiple industry verticals such as Finance, Transportation, Customer Service, E-commerce, Back Office Support and Technical Helpdesk, for voice and non-voice services. Our proven and well-versed near native English speaker workforce is complemented with the latest business solutions in call handling and management, thereby helping our clients obtain higher return on investment. Think of our partnership as an Investment – Strategic and Human Capital.


AZPIRED is known in the industry for giving the highest quality customer experience at all times through our 24/7/365 delivery centers.

Our state-of-the-art technology facility, coupled with well-appointed working environment, ensure that your business is served with the most advanced services and quality experience at all times. This is further boosted with at least N+1 redundant technology and a minimum of 200Mbps enterprise fiber optic connection that guarantees best voice quality and crisp phone conversation. Our diverse office locations are assured to have the same quality services with the deployment of an International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) and Metro E. All these are emphasized for a seamless customer experience.

Customer Service

EXCELLENT customer service is the core of what we do. We always put your customer as our priority in the same way you prioritize them. Their business is the reason why we are in business with you.

Technical Support

If your business requires a certain skills in technical knowledge, like IT support and software development, we are your best choice. We have been providing high-level support for a Fortune 50 company.

Backend Services

If we can deal frontend services, our team can also handle BACKEND services. We understand the need of servicing your customers as much as getting things done that actually runs your business.


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We are committed and dedicated in providing your business the best service and available technology that enable us to provide the following reasons:

  • Our ability to deliver services using the most advanced and latest technology.
  • Our ability to recruit highly educated and skilled workforce.
  • We are an American run operation giving us advantage in understanding business and culture in the western hemisphere.
  • Our location in Cebu City and Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines is generally free from natural calamities and is well prepared from adverse weather conditions.