Quality Assurance

Being new to the contact center industry, AZPIRED has an advantage over other companies when it comes to Quality Assurance.

This is because we have endeavored to step away from traditional approach because we understand that it’s not just about listening or monitoring when it comes to quality control.

We believe that Quality Assurance should start with the agents. We assure clients that we hire only the best agents and train them thoroughly to understand and be knowledgeable about different products as well as master the quality guidelines demanded by each project. We then put metrics in place to ensure that every agent’s progress will be measured as they grow within the vertical.

At AZPIRED, Quality Assurance is also about automating workflow and embedding analytics to reduce manual work by 60 to 80 percent. Our analysts are fully trained not only to listen but also to follow and implement the Six Sigma Principle: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. With our advanced call monitoring technology, we are able to monitor calls and whisper to agents without the customer hearing us to ensure the perfect CSAT. Additionally, our quality assurance specialists are able to capture and record not only audio conversations but also screen navigation, allowing them to fully monitor all ongoing calls in real time. Every agent’s calls will be displayed in our system to ensure that our management team and quality assurance specialists will be able to make the appropriate action to improve our call handling strategies.