Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment Procedures

For us to be the best, we must make sure that we only hire the cream of the crop.

It is our priority to screen all candidates thoroughly and make sure that they fit our criteria to ensure our clients have the best team of agents to cater for their customers’ needs. We are also proactive in developing new and better methods to keep our recruitment process as efficient as possible, guaranteeing the best agents for all our clients. We use a combination of traditional methods of recruitment, including maintaining relationships with universities and colleges throughout our community, as well as the use of online job websites and social media networks.

Who is an ideal candidate?

  • Has a college degree that is relevant to the role that he/she needs to fill in.
  • Passes our personality, trait and professionalism tests to help us gauge a candidate’s temperament, worth ethics and intelligence.
  • Must have a typing speed of 35 words per minute to ensure they can keep up with the customers.
  • Is able to think outside of the box, has initiative and is willing to learn more to improve his/her skills.
  • Is able to multitask to ensure that he/she can keep a record of the customer’s concern or query while catering for their needs.

Hiring Process

What set AZPIRED apart from other contact service centers are our philosophy and strict adherence to our core values.

We have always been very meticulous in our hiring process and make sure we only hire an applicant once we are convinced that he/she is able to meet our high standards. We are committed to hiring only professional, reliable individuals with a pleasing personality, outstanding character and has the experience and skills necessary for success.

We also examine a potential candidate’s work history and call every reference person they have listed in their CV to cross-examine the data they have provided for us. This is because we believe that for an agent to perform at his/her best, he/she must have the tenacity to stay in one company for a long time, not hop from one firm to another.

Application Process

Assessment – We assess every applicant’s capacity to be a good team player based on score, in-person interviews and additional client-specific requests. Candidates will be asked to take a personality test for us to gauge whether they can handle stress and pressure and a basic trait test for us to determine if they be able to get along well with other employees.

Interviews – A recruitment officer will conduct an initial interview. Then, this will be followed by an interview by a production manager. A representative of our English grammar and accent team will also ask several questions to help us evaluate an applicant’s fluency of the language. Lastly, the HR manager will make the final decision, unless we are looking for someone to fill in for a managerial position, which should be interviewed by someone from the upper management.

NBI Clearance – Applicants who pass the assessment and recruitment will be required to present a clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation, which is going to be equivalent to a live scan in the United States. The NBI clearance is mandatory for all applicants to ensure they have no criminal record or outstanding record.

Scheduling – Agents will then be informed of their work schedules. They will also be made aware of the fact that work schedules are flexible and can change at any time. To make sure that they understand and agree, they will be required to sign an acknowledgement letter.